Monday, November 20, 2017
Skin Lightening

The Best Skin Bleaching Cream! Review

Skin Bleaching Cream Review

Skin whitening is a method of lightening one’s skin color due to various reasons. People with dark spots, areas of over-pigmentation or suffering from long-term skin conditions (like vitiligo) often opt for this.

This treatment mostly comes as creams which are to be applied on the skin and is widely Best Skin Bleaching Creamprevalent in the entire world. Now, melanin is the main pigment responsible for one’s skin color. Lesser the melanin content, whiter will be the skin color. So, these skin whitening creams try to effectively reduce the amount of melanin.

Epibright is one amazing skin lightening cream. And this is one of the Top bleaching creams reviews.

Ingredients of the cream:

The chemical and the most significant ingredients include kojic acid, alpha-arbutin and kojic dipalmitate. The natural ingredients include licorice, mulberry extracts, lemon balm and bearberry extracts. It is worth mentioning that it contains no Hydroquinone.

Know how it works:

The skin lightening cream tries to decrease the melanin production. Arbutin does that actively. It comes in two variants- alpha and beta. The alpha-arbutin proven to be more stable is present in this cream. Further, Tyrosinase is the main enzyme which catalyzes melanin production.

The cream tries to inhibit the action of this enzyme. Kojic dipalmitate is another stable anti-oxidant which aids the process. Besides skin whitening, the cream also maintains the moisture content and glow of the skin.

Why Epibright?

Epibright,  because it comes with multiple benefits. Hydroquinone has often been stated as one cancer causing agent and is banned in many countries. Unlike many others, this cream does not contain that substance. Also, the natural extracts present in this cream are an added advantage.

Besides working to reduce the melanin content, these extracts moisturize and soothe your skin. As a result, your skin remains fresh and radiant for longer periods. This perfect combo of lightening your skin color while keeping its glow is what makes it unique! And now, a new variant (Intimate Lightening Cream) is available for use in intimate areas. This has been proven to be safe and effective too.