Monday, November 20, 2017

Heal Your Cracked Heels With H-Cracked Heels Formula

Remedies For Cracked Heels

Having cracked heels is a horrible thing. They look unsightly, they hurt a lot, and worse of all, they are actually a potential health hazard if left untreated for a long time!

Left untreated, and heel fissures could eventually lead into:

1. Bleeding and immobility due to the pain.
2. Bacterial infection because of the open sores.
3. Nerve damage in the feet for anyone with diabetes.

If you don’t have cracked heels yet, but feel like you are about to develop one, then here are the signs to look out for:

1. The skin on your heels itches often.
2. The skin on your feet is showing signs of flaking or even random red patches.
3. The skin on your feet is dry, starting to peel off, and cracks are starting to show up.

They often say that prevention is better than cure. But what causes cracked heels in the first place?

1. Dry skin – there are several factors that could cause dry skin, such as dry weather, soaps with harsh chemicals for those with sensitive skin, and even a part of the aging process.

2. Skin diseases, such as athlete’s foot.

3. Special cases such as having diabetes or being overweight. Even deficiency from certain Remedies For Cracked Heelsvitamins and minerals such as Omega-3 and Zinc can cause it.

4. Certain habits and practices that place the feet under strain, such as intensive activity and often walking on barefoot on rough surfaces, as well as the feet being subjected to extreme temperatures.

Most of the above reasons are also why it is recommended to apply moisturizer on your feet regularly. However, it might be already too late for that in the cases of some people. There are supposedly several remedies for cracked heels out there that claim to cure cracked heels. But which ones actually do work? And which ones don’t?

Rather than waste your time subjecting yourself to various treatments just to test which one works, why don’t you try my recommendation first? If it worked for me, I see no reason why it would not for yours.

So quite turning your feet into a guinea pig before your cracked heels even get worse.

I would really recommend that you use the H-Cracked Heels Formula, which I have personally used.

It is made with natural ingredients that are guaranteed to restore your feet to its former glory, or even better.

H-Cracked Heels are made of the following ingredients. No harsh chemicals that could ironically aggravate your condition in the first place.

1. Hazel seed oil
2. Rosehip seed oil
3. Avocado oil
4. Wheatgerm oil
5. Lavender flower oilH-Cracked Heels Formula
6. Geranium oil
7. Chamomile flower oil
8. Tea tree leaf oil

As you can see, it is an oil-based formula. This might initially put off those who prefer a lotion or something more fluid. However, it generates this certain soothing sensation while being rubbed which might make up for that.

There is also no burning or stinging while using it. The scent is kind of unusual, not really something good but it isn’t bad or off putting either.

Application and estimated treatment time:

The formula should be applied only 2 or even 3 times a day. Not really a hassle because you don’t have to apply it 4 times or even more. While there is no magical apply once and the problem is gone formula, it would most likely take around 3 weeks like in my case in order for it to work.

Although that also depends on the severity of the cracked heel, as well as the natural healing factor of the person. Besides, it also provides a temporary soothing relief when applied.

Finally, H-Cracked Heels Formula could also be applied as a preventive measure. After all, like they always say, prevention is better than cure!