Monday, November 20, 2017
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Get Rid Of Melasma With Skin Brightening Creams

Melasma The Skin Condition

Melasma is a common skin condition that is marked by hyper pigmentation of the skin.It is also known as chloasma among the general population.The classical presentation is one of dark patches on the cheeks of pregnant women or women on contraceptives although it is known to affect all sexes and ages.The disease is due to excessive melanin production from secretory melanocytes under the influence of UV light or iatrogenic hormones that are common in contraceptive preparations.

How Do I Get Rid Of Melasma ?

Well, the disease posses some challenges in its control due to the high rate of recurrence associated with it. However,clinicians have devised a multi modal approach to curb its recurrence. The treatment approach which has been proved to be successful is achieved by:

Shedding Off The Excess Melanocytes.

Older agents such as Hydroquinone have been found to be harsh on melanocytes and their use has been replaced with better alternatives such as the plant product alpha-albutin that is safer and helps to achieve a similar end result of reduced pigmentation by suppressing the unwanted pigmentation.

Increasing your intake of vitamin A or better intake of more active forms such as Tretinoin speeds up the rate of shedding off excess melanocytes and consequently little melanin is produced.

Reducing The Amount Of Melanin Produced By These Same Cells.

Chemicals such as Hydroquinone which is an active ingredient of most skin lighteners blocks the pathway used in secretion of melanin and thus controls the rate of darkening. A natural alternative with a similar mechanism is kojic acid which acts by slowing down the mentioned pathway.

Avoiding environmental agents that increase melanin production such as UV light exposure or hormones.

Protective measures such as avoiding midday sunlight can be applied in combination with above modalities. A better approach is use protective clothing such as broad rimmed hats and long sleeved shirts and the best is to apply a sunscreen lotion of skin protective factor(SPF) of greater than 30.

SkinBright Cream:

Majority of the creams used to treat Melasma come in a combination of various ingredients that target various approaches of treatment and the SkinBright cream is not an exception to this norm. It has the most powerful but friendly alpha-albutin to lower excess pigmentation.Another ingredient is kojic acid SkinBrightwhich is very good in eradicating the dark melasma patches by suppression of excess melanin.

Above all this it comes in an almost neutral smell that renders it appropriate for both sexes and superior to other skin lightening products that come with all variants of smells. More so, it is smooth and silky making it comfortable to apply.

Other important ingredients of SkinBright cream include vitamin A, vitamin C, aloe vera all which give it an added function of UV protection besides their ability to slow down skin ageing by increasing the rate of excess melanocyte shedding.

Wonder no more on how to get rid of melasma fast! A safe and effective option is finally here with you. SkinBright!